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Over 87% of applications are approved

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Sent in a request Monday and got my loan approved Tuesday. Customer service was very speedy and professional in conduct. I would recommend their business to anyone who need quick money.

Shantelle D.,


I was in debt, but thanks to Loan Away I'm almost debt-free now. They helped me to consolidate my debt and re-establish my credit. Customer service has been amazingly supportive and made the whole thing clear and easy to understand. I would highly recommend Loan Away.

Wanugee S.,


My own home bank declined me for a line of credit because of what I earn. I’m very pleased I was able to find an alternative option that made me feel like a valued customer. I was treated respectfully and received what I needed. Thank you very much for that.

Nancie K.,

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Any Purpose Personal Loans And Bad Credit Loans From Loan Away

Loan Away Loans are any purpose loans. You can borrow any amount from $1000 to $5000, payable over 36 months or sooner if you wish. We know life happens and people get into financial difficulties, so even if you have a bad credit history, Loan Away can still give you a loan. Granting Bad credit loans is our specialty.

Whether it`s for an emergency, a well-deserved vacation, house renovation, debt consolidation or you just want a short term installment loan for any purpose, you can get a loan from Loan Away. Feel confident to apply now.

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Loans Available

Financial Solutions Tailored To Meet Your Needs

We care about you, not so much about your credit history
Bad Credit Loans Bad Credit Loans

At Loan Away, giving bad credit loans is our specialty. We care about you more than your credit history. If you have been turned down for a loan by the banks because of your bad credit history, we are here to assist you. Apply now and we will look at your case with understanding.

Personal Loans Personal Loans

Loan Away provide loans for people in Canada. Our personal loans are tailored to suit your needs and circumstances. We lend up to $5000, with a repayment period of up to 36 months. You can pay off the loan before the end of the 36 months. We provide bad credit personal loans and normal personal loans in Canada.

Installment Loans Installment Loans

Loan Away loans are installment loans. You have up to 36 months to pay back the loan. Unlike payday loans which you have to pay back within 90 days, the payback period for a Loan Away loan is up to 36 months.

Debt Settlement Loans Debt Settlement Loans

When you are in a dire need of cash to settle a debt urgently, you can turn to Loan Away. Apply now for a quick response. Click on the Apply Now button to fill a quick online application form for a quick loan.

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