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What Rights do I Have as a Borrower?
Many people in Canada are afraid of signing up for loans to help through their financial downfall. This is major because these people are not fully aware of their rights as a borrower.
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Loans for Unemployed Vs. Employed
As soon as we have work, a fantastic salary, and a fantastic credit score, banks will have no issue at all to approve us for any personal loan or any mortgage. Having such positive requirements in your pocket, you are considered as an ideal client for lenders.
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Payday Loans' Alternatives
The Consumption Era gave people around the world an opportunity to buy everything they want even if they don’t have enough money. However, every party comes to an end and after the financial crisis, banks became a lot more conservative in their lending practices. Which led to an explosive growth of another phenomenon – short-term loans and payday loans.
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