Financing 101

We know how it is. An urgent need waits for nothing. And for no one. If you think a sudden, unexpected financial need is a problem, try approaching a bank for a solution. 

That is when you begin to face real problems. With their multi-departmental hierarchies and their inflexible lending policies, you are likely to be kept hanging for a week or more, just to know if you’re in luck.

They seldom grant you a loan without sufficient collateral. They are unforgiving of poor credit. The documentation and paperwork they demand of you can be seriously frustrating.

And after all that, you’ll most likely be told that your loan is declined.

We offer: 


Competitive Loans From Loan Away 


Loan Away is an online-only private lender operates in Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, and Newfoundland, devoid of complex corporate structures and protocol. The focus here is precisely where it’s supposed to be. On you. And your need for a quick, urgent, personal loan. 

  • Without complications. If you have bad credit Loan Away will give you a second chance to help you solve your problems. The credit check is not a major factor.


  • Here at Loan Away, the urgency of your need is equally matched with the promptness of our response times. How do we do it? Simple. 


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Financing 101


How To Apply?


No sooner than you hit the submit button, our professionally trained online agents review your case in real time, fast-track it through a handful of eligibility criteria and greenlight a loan between $1000 and $5000. 

We understand that it is possible that your credit may not be as strong as banks would like it to be, but we are not there to make things more difficult for you when you are in a crisis. 


Why Loan Away?


Like we said, the focus here is on you. And your immediate need for funds. In 24 hours you will be able to access your funds from your bank account. How is that? You still have concerns, right? We figured.

Unlike any other loan lenders who insist that you pay back within 14 days, the whole principle plus interest (that if annualized could work out to over 600%), we will work out the payback times with you. With your needs and your situation. 

Financing 101

You can stretch the payback period to 36 months if you choose so. And more critically, our interest rates are way lower.


Fill Out Our Online Application


You are on the right track because we approve close to 83% of the applications we receive. And what’s more, we practice one very simple but important rule: true solutions should address your needs wholesomely.


Boost Your Credit With Loan Away


Are you looking forward to improving your financial score? Look no more! Borrowing from Loan Away and paying your monthly installments on time, you get a great chance to boost your score as we report to EQUIFAX credit bureau about your success.