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Sent in a request Monday and got my loan approved Tuesday. Customer service was very speedy and professional in conduct. I would recommend their business to anyone who need quick money.

Shantelle D., AB

I was in debt, but thanks to Loan Away I'm almost debt-free now. They helped me to consolidate my debt and re-establish my credit. Customer service has been amazingly supportive and made the whole thing clear and easy to understand. I would highly recommend Loan Away.

Wanugee S., ON

My own home bank declined me for a line of credit because of what I earn. I’m very pleased I was able to find an alternative option that made me feel like a valued customer. I was treated respectfully and received what I needed. Thank you very much for that.

Nancie K., AB

Zero issues whatsoever using the Loan Away service. I didn’t feel the need to prove my credit history to the rep on the other end, and I felt I was treated fairly given the situation. Some lenders act like predators and I’m very glad this company did not.

Alex B., ON

Loan Away helped me get funding for my annual vacation. It was really easy to get started and the whole system made sense to me. I didn’t need to wait around and worry if I had to cancel my plans, and I had my money the very next day. Thank you!

Andrea L., AB

Two years ago some bad decisions on my part left me with difficult credit. I even had a credit card application declined. Loan Away was able to approve my request, and I’m looking forward to using this loan to improve my situation.

Scott M., ON

I used payday loans frequently but the interest rates in Ontario get out of hand. I’m happy with this loan as it gives me money when I need it, but on much fairer terms than I’ve seen in the past.

Lauretta C., ON

I contacted the Loan Away company to help me raise money for a new sump pump during spring flooding and I got the money before the pump was delivered. Very helpful in an emergency, thank you very much.

Jeffrey N., AB

Used Loan Away instead of borrowing against my house. I found it to be a much sounder financial option with less risk, and I put the loan towards improving my resale value. This was a smart investment on my part and it was very easy to do.

Robyn T., AB

Yes if asked I would suggest this company. There are scummy loan sharks out there preying on people who need some help with their money. Their rep actually listened to me when I told her my situation and was honest what would be realistic for me to borrow. I was happy that I was given support from someone who cared about my situation.

Jason S., ON

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