Benefits of Installment Loans

Majority of Canadians are not lucky enough to have a pile of cash in their pockets in times of a financial crisis or need. There are many unplanned and unexpected expenses associated with emergencies such as household repairs and hospital bills, which can leave us broke and struggling with our finances. Under such circumstances, installment loans provide quick access to cash, so people are able some financial support in an emergency.

Do you think that searching for "Installment Loans Canada" can give you a lot of useful information? Maybe. However, the best idea is to look for some credible advice from professional private lenders; that is why Loan Away is here to make your life easier. You are welcome to contact us if you need more info! 


What is an Installment Loan? 

An installment loan is a loan that has a specific number of payments of the same amount over the period specified in a loan agreement contract. Borrowers have to pay back the original amount borrowed along with the accrued interest through regular payment of installments. The frequency and schedule of the repayment of installments are fixed prior to the loan contract.
Installment loans are good for businesses and individuals, who experience financial problems. People usually use them to pay for the rent, houses, cars, or even college tuition.
Major benefits attached to this form of loan make it easy for small-scale businesses and seemingly growing companies to apply and qualify. ‎Below are some of the benefits you can expect while you opt-in for an installment loan:

Quick Availability

When you are in a financial crisis at a certain point in your life, an installment loan is the best way to get money quickly (usually within 24 hours or less). Simple and fast application and paperwork processes will allow you to easily obtain your money and make convenient arrangements with a private lender.


Easy-to-manage Payments

One of the most significant merits of installment loans is the fact that it offers individual or corporate bodies to make small and affordable repayments. This is a better deal because instead of having to repay a huge sum of money you have the facility of making smaller and more affordable payments at scheduled intervals. Paying back a relatively smaller amount at fixed periods, allows you to continue the repayment, and at the same time, manage your daily expenses and monthly bills as well.


Loan Away Installment Loans

Loan Away is an online-only private lender who neither judges you in your time of need nor views it as an opportunity to be exploited for profit. We look at things differently. Ease of application, promptness of response, simple approval criteria, flexible payback options, these are the pillars of our business model.


How does it work?

1. You can apply for any amount between $1000 to $5000 through our application form on It only takes minutes.

2. You can choose your payback options. You could stretch it all the way to 36 months if you so choose. Online agents then take up your application in real time and rush it through a few eligibility criteria.

3. Bad credit will not be an impediment to approve personal installment loans online. Therefore, as long as you have a steady income source in Canada and are currently not in the midst of a bankruptcy or consumer proposal filing, you should be good.

4. As much as 87% of applications are approved. In less than 24 hours, you can access the funds right from your bank account.